Matiu/Somes Island Charitable Trust (MSICT) was established in 1998 as a partnership between tangata whenua and the wider community to protect, nurture and enhance the island by raising funds for and managing projects that increase its biodiversity and enhanced visitors’ enjoyment of the island.

MSICT works closely with the Department of Conservation (DOC) and community groups like Forest and Bird, and the Eastbourne Forest Rangers. MSICT set up the “Friends of Matiu/Somes” to encourage community participation and support for its work on the island.

Restoration projects already completed, including the translocation of red-crowned parakeets and North Island Robins, have been supported by the wider community and Te Atiawa, the kaitiaki for Matiu/Somes, Makaro, and Mokopuna Islands.

MSICT is committed to restoring the mana of Matiu/Somes Island and making it a showplace the region can be proud of; not only because its ecological and historic values, but because it provides a practical demonstration of what a genuine partnership can achieve.


Trust Board

MSICT’s Board currently consists of up to eight members, four representing Te Atiawa (tangata whenua for Matiu/Somes Island) and four representing the wider community as well as community groups involved in conservation work on the Island. The Trust has many people interested in its work, many of whom contribute in various ways, both financially and as volunteers.

The Board is responsible for managing the affairs of the Trust. Membership of the Board is drawn from representatives of Iwi (50%) and local community (50%).

With the Kaitiaki Board now established as the governing body for all three islands the MSICT Board is in the process of moving from a governance-focused role to a more action-oriented one.


Trust Deed

The affairs of the Trust are governed by a very comprehensive Trust Deed which is lodged with the Charities Commission (registration number CC39277).

The Trust Deed is currently being reviewed and updated. The revised Deed will be published after it is formally approved.


Kowhaiwhai Design

Nature was the inspiration for the kowhaiwhai design featured at the top of this website. The pattern represents regeneration and growth and is tied together by the body of water that surrounds Matiu/Somes Island.


msict image 2
msict image 3
kowhaiwhai design

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